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Spaces and Projects: Arts and cultural conversation, connection, learning and development

Parley launched in late 2018, founded and led by Victoria McCorkell who after more than 18 years working and training in the arts and cultural sector sought to consolidate her practice into a new venture. Parley is based in HD1 but aim to work across West Yorkshire. 

Parley produce creative spaces and projects with practitioners and community to encourage conversation, connection, learning and development in arts and culture. Driven by civic and common interest, we support co-design and co-creation. We work across art forms and in collaboration wth artists, cultural organisations, partners, community and education. 


Our core services focus on: 

Space and Place: We design, produce and faciliate open spaces for creative engagement - conversation, connection, learning and development. 

Artist and Practitioner: We support the continued professional development of practitioners who situate their practice within a community, social or learning context. 

Audience and Community: We work directly with people to encourage engagement, participation, learning and development in arts and culture. 


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