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Supriya is one of the most sort-out Carnatic vocalists in the UK and has performed around the world in India, Thailand, Cambodia and cities across Europe and the UK. Supriya has worked with a number of artists from other genres creating new musical vocabulary and constantly widening the boundaries through collaboration.

She enjoys setting her work in unusual spaces and has been commissioned to create music responses to the artists Andy Goldsworthy, David Nash and other sculptors exhibiting at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. She also worked closely with a Cultural Olympiad project, Stanza Stones, exploring the Yorkshire Moors, the poetry of Simon Armitage and Indian classical music.

Supriya’s work intersects with scientific enquiry at various levels and her previous music production “Shivoham” was a multi-sensory experimental music production based on experiencing the senses differently. The production including colour illusions, smells and sounds that enhanced audience appreciation. She collaborated with acclaimed artists Shri Sriram and Ben Castle for this work which toured in 15 venues across the North of England.

Supriya’s latest project has been a multi-faceted exploration of the theme “Lullaby”.  Inspired during a visit to India where she encountered mothers working in the fields singing lullabies to their infants placed in sling cradles far away and yet soothing them she wanted to explore the connection. This inspired Supriya to create the lullaby project and explore its various facets through music, digital installation and spoken word.  She is exploring the connection between the human brain and lullabies working alongside scientists from the Queensland University in Brisbane and the Karolinska Institut in Sweden She has developed new work around the theme of lullaby with partners in Scandinavia, including Ultima Contemporary Music Festival, Oslo, Norway; Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki and the Vuotalo Cultural centre in Helsinki. Supriya was commissioned to compose and perform two lullabies with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra. The lullaby project is set to tour to Singapore, Australia and New Zealand in 2019/20.

In September 2017, Supriya conceived and devised a participative installation using human voices in everyday settings. The piece titled “Festival of Conversations” was about blurring barriers, capturing aural spectrums and studying tonal quality of the human voices during varying levels of stress. The installation has since toured at the BEAST Festival in Brimingham.

In 2017, Supriya successfully toured a brand new music work fusing Bollywood and Jazz. Bollywood Jazz Project was a resounding success with appearances on radio and TV and received several accolades from music critics.

Supriya is currently researching bees and their habitats and has devised a 40 minute musical theatre piece for early year’s family settings. As part of her “Life of a Bee” project, Supriya was invited to be a resident artist at the beautiful Kingsbrae gardens in New Brunswick, Canada in summer 2017, where she did preliminary composition work on her album highlighting the dwindling bee population. She is currently composing new work based on studies on collective intelligence of bees and its application in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Supriya has also composed an evensong for the prestigious choir at York Minster using cross cultural influences which is a first for the Minster. This resulted in an invited performance at Lambeth Palace in the presence of the Archbishop of Canterbury.  She is currently involved a large scale experimental choir work to be presented at the prestigious Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2018.