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Irene Lofthouse
Irene Lofthouse

Irene Lofthouse

Writer, storyteller, creative writing facilitator, creative catalyst, hidden history and secret story researcher, playwright, actor and dramaturg

T: irene_lofthouse


Irene’s been writer-in-residence with First Story, North and West Yorkshire Libraries, NHS Leeds and Calderdale; consultant/writer on HLF projects ‘Threads of War’, ‘Seeds of the Past’, Roots Around Paddock (RAP); writer/storyteller on suffrage projects with minority groups; educational facilitator on environmental themes with Aire Rivers Trust; consultant/writer/storyteller with Historic England exploring heritage through literacy/poetry/drama, creative writing tutor for FE, HE and independently.

She’s appeared at Edinburgh Fringe, in films, on radio and in many regional productions; adapted stories and hidden histories for stage and radio. Co-founder of and Artistic Director of Fresh Aire Productions with Pete Aveyard (currently writing for HIGNFY). Their ‘Queens of Dawson City’ radio sitcom Series 1 has featured on many local radio stations and Series 2 is in production. ‘Under Their Feet’ a recent play based on a true suffrage story is set to tour in 2019.

Irene’s regularly commissioned to perform pieces at festivals around the country, and work is featured in exhibitions, on lock gates, has beamed onto buildings and been carved in stone.

Children’s Books:

Strange Tales in Bradford Dale, 2016, Gizmo Publications

Strange Tales in the Dales, 2015, Gizmo Publications


The Hat Box’ and ‘Palacio de Cristal’, 2018, CommuterLit.com

Invisible Man’ Armistice 100 Days, 2018, 26 Characters/IWM

Stories from Stone’ (writer/editor), 2018, Gizmo Publications

A Stitch in Time’, 2017, Tyto Alba, Comma Press

Mary, Mary’, 2017, 26 Twits/Roald Dahl Centre

I Love You’, 2016, 26 Lies/Free Word Centre

Rock to Seahouses’, 2016, 26 Steps

Lady Val’, 2015, Write a Wish,

Betty the Beautiful’, 2015, Under a Northern Sky

Ballad of Bodmin Moor’ 2015, 26 Postcodes

Scrolling Past’ 2015, 26 Pairs of Eyes/Foundling Museum

A Notebook’, 2014, 26 Designs/FIESTA

Plays & Performance

Under Their Feet’, 2018, dramaturg. True suffrage story (Bradford Cathedral, touring 2019)

Protestors4Peace: Bradford Women’s Humanity League 1916/18’, 2018 (Delius Centre, Bradford)

Mrs Norton, Working Woman’, suffragette story, 2018 (Bradford, Leeds Libraries, Shipley Glen ‘Rally’)

Margaret Graham, Female Aerialist’, 2018 (Piece Hall, Halifax)

Over the Edge’, duologue 2018 (Pub Theatre Leeds)

Tragedy of Mary Ryan at Newlands Mill’, 2017 (Bradford Industrial Museum)

Carol’, Christmas Presence’, 2017, (Pub Theatre Leeds)

Words, Women & War: Forgotten Female Voices of the Great War’, 2016 (still touring literature/arts festivals, schools, libraries, museums. Next at York Lit Fest, March 2109)

I’ll be Watching You’, 2010, (Domestic abuse conference Leeds/York)

Uncle Phil on TV’’ 2008, adaptation of JB Priestley short story (Bradford Cathedral)