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Artist Aria
Artist Aria

Artist Aria

Conceptual Mixed Media Artist with a passion for Social Justice and Inclusion.

Hannah has utilised her life experiences to engage in social action and this fuels her creative drive to promote change in a variety of contexts. The works of Kerry Darlington inspired her to explore the medium of resin and began an obsession with three dimensional embellishments. As a young art student Hannah was highly influenced by the ground breaking conceptual artist Tracey Emin, who had begun to push the boundaries of modern art and perception.

In homage to Tracey Emin, Hannah displayed a piece at Art Fair East entitled ‘My Greatest Creation’. This piece encapsulated a 15 year-old pregnancy test that ‘froze’ a moment in the artist’s personal history that changed her life forever. Another controversial piece that was recently displayed at Art Fair East contained a rather iconic medicine measuring cup, frequently used to administer morphine or methadone. At the base of the cup there was a metallic word encapsulated in resin ‘Survivor’. The piece was exhibited upon a handcrafted spiral illuminated stand (by Craig Cook- @Illumelightingbym) and remained the focal point of her exhibition. This was inspired by Hannah’s previous work in the social care arena. Often, professionals must judge and label people, to assess risk, but ultimately many individuals are simply trying to numb their own pain in any way they can. No story is simple and there are rarely villains and heroes. While safety is always paramount, compassion and understanding remain vitally important when working with vulnerable people. Not everyone turns to substance misuse, but we all cover the pain in various ways to survive and this acted as a powerful metaphor. The Survivor piece aimed to raise awareness for the local charity ‘Beam Ipswich’ (a support group for parents whose children no longer live in their care). More information can be found at https://www.beam.support/.

Hannah has utilised her life experiences to engage in social action and this fuels her creative drive to promote change in a variety of contexts including sexual health promotion. Hannah has worked for The Terrence Higgins Trust for many years which is a charitable organisation, known for its political influence in areas such as equality and diversity. In addition to this, Hannah recently donated a resin-based sculpture entitled ‘The key to Happiness’ to Zest Ipswich. This is a local charity that supports young people with terminal illnesses. Zest facilitated a creative collective exhibition that Miss Aria was proud to state was her ‘first public event this year’.

Hannah is proud to have donated a piece entitled ‘Reckless Abandon’ to Hidden Door Arts Festival which will be for sale on the 7th of December at the Skylight Café Edinburgh alongside hundreds of pieces of art from past ‘Hidden Door’ contributors and generous supporters. This mixed media, resin-based composition consists of contrasting textures; highlighting the beauty of both the old and the new. Hidden Door is known for renovating old abandoned buildings and bringing new life to derelict venues. The beauty in the cracks has been highlighted in line with the hidden door ethos.

In 2018 she exhibited two main collections at Art Fair East (29th November-2nd December); The Fragile Heart Series and the Faith in Dreams Collection. Successful sales and increased support, evidenced the great success of this event. Hannah is excited about developing her local networks in Ipswich and has attended Open Studio events for many years.

2019 marks the start of some very significant projects for the artist. Hannah has applied for various art grants to support her ‘Neurodivergent Horizons Collection’. The new series is based around actual MRI images of the artist’s brain and she hopes to provide a visually stimulating conceptual series, to challenge the stigma around ADHD and neurologically diverse individuals. Hannah is an ADHD advocate and wishes to use her skills to provide education and discussion around the topic promoting a strengths based approach. This will be backed by research on neuro-psychology and neuro-plasticity; evidencing the brain’s ability to physically restructure and adapt with relevant support interventions. Hannah has recently made links with Suffolk VASP’s Mental Health Friends Support Group and will be speaking at the group in the near future about the development of this project.

She will be exhibiting at Framlingham Business Centre during June-September 2019 and has been invited to exhibit at Brick Lane Gallery in London for an Abstract Collaborative exhibition in February 2019. https://www.framlinghambusinesscentre.co.uk/ Framlingham


Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/artistariatreasures

Studio Address:Ipswich Makerspace, 11 Dove Street, Ipswich, Suffolk IP41NG