The Calderdale Local Cultural Education Partnership


The Creative Learning Guild co-ordinate Calderdale’s ‘Local Cultural Education Partnership’ (or LCEP). The LCEP is a consortium of individuals and organisations who care about using creative approaches to improve the lives of children and young people in Calderdale.

The consortium launched in October and has already grown to include 80 member organisations/idividuals. Together, we shaped and agreed a strategic plan and term of reference (see below). We welcome new members, so contact us to join or find out more ( There's no cost to join and a variety of ways to be involved as a member. Current members include arts and cultural organisations, businesses, the local authority, education institutions, individual artists and educators, third sector organisations and many more. The Guild co-ordinates the LCEP and works with a Strategy Group made up of 15 LCEP members who set priorities and guide the direction of the consortium.

In spring this year we secured £122k funding for a two year period of development and creative consultation with children and young people in Calderdale. The funding was given by IVE (in partnership with Arts Council), Calderdale Council, Community Foundation For Calderdale, Creative Minds, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. Information about how this has been allocated can be found below.


This is an active and evolving webpage for LCEP members and those interested in our work. The page will include our documents, policies, updates on the programme and resources for members.


Upcoming LCEP Events:

Introduction to Artsmark Twilight Teachers' Meeting: 26th September, 4pm, Causey Hall, Halifax - Book here:


The Calderdale LCEP at a Glance:

Initial mapping of need in Calderdale - data collected in October 2018 (pdf)

LCEP Structure - draft infographic (jpg)

Partnership Investment Action Plan - draft infographic (jpg)

LCEP Partnership Investment funding breakdown (jpg)


Further Stragegic Docuements and Policies:

 LCEP Strategic Action Plan (pdf)

LCEP Agreed Terms of Reference (pdf)


Useful links:

Find out more about Local Cultural Education Partnerships and their relationship to Arts Council here: